Experience and Method

I have been doing personal training consistently for over 5 years. Unlike most, it has been my sole profession and I have been able to put a lot of energy and focus toward this very touchy craft.

Over the years I have recognized that all people’s bodies respond and react differently toward different stimuli and pressure. With that said, I am aware that there is no one size fits all modal to personal training. Every client is programmed differently according to specific goals, needs, personal assessment, etc. Nevertheless, as a training philosophy, I am convinced that full body, dynamic, functional movement training is the best, most efficient, and wholesome method for personal wellness and physical fitness.

Every client is conditioned through this method, and again, through the years I have seen some pretty incredible results. Not only aesthetically, but physiologically and functionally. This method performed at varying levels of intensity and difficulty is the right method for anyone’s fitness goals.


What Does it Mean to Train?

I love helping people accomplish things they would never have believed of accomplishing by themselves. That’s what a coach does. Yes, I am a trainer, but I like to think of my role as more of a coach. I am the one who is standing beside you and outside you, telling you the things that you need to do, when to do them, and how to do them in order for YOU to accomplish incredible things in and through fitness.

Training to achieve a fitness milestones is hard work. Everybody has their own milestone; lose 15, 20, 50 lbs, or even 100 lbs, perform better athletically for a particular event, increase cardio-respitory conditioned, gain a certain percentage of muscle mass, become more functionally capable through increased mobility, bone density, and physiological stability. None of these milestones are easy and nothing will be given to you. You must train and it will be difficult. But hard work is always easier, and even enjoyable, when someone is beside you every step of the way encouraging you directing you, and giving you vision when you may begin to lose sight of your goals. This is what fitness is. Fitness Is Training.


Casey is absolutely awesome to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable and I am really impressed by his excellent eye for detail. He helped me improve my form and increase strength for both my powerlifting and Olympic lifts.

Casey is also really great at finding workarounds with any injuries – super important! You can tell he cares about his clients and it shows. He’s very motivating and always encourages you to push yourself further. I would highly recommend Casey to anyone!

Aylette O.

Casey is a great personal trainer. I worked out with Casey for almost 3 years, until he moved from Chicago. Casey is a very attentive and knowledgeable professional who knows exactly what each individual needs, and he is pushing everyone to get to their goal. Casey created a workout plan for me and adjusted it as I progressed. Overall, I think Casey is a great personal trainer and he brings results to people who are working with him.

Aleksey P