Casey is absolutely awesome to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable and I am really impressed by his excellent eye for detail. He helped me improve my form and increase strength for both my powerlifting and Olympic lifts.

Casey is also really great at finding workarounds with any injuries – super important! You can tell he cares about his clients and it shows. He’s very motivating and always encourages you to push yourself further. I would highly recommend Casey to anyone!


Aylette O.

Casey is a great personal trainer. I worked out with Casey for almost 3 years, until he moved from Chicago. Casey is a very attentive and knowledgeable professional who knows exactly what each individual needs, and he is pushing everyone to get to their goal. Casey created a workout plan for me and adjusted it as I progressed. Overall, I think Casey is a great personal trainer and he brings results to people who are working with him.

Aleksey P

I’ve been working out with Casey for over three years during his time in Chicago and until he relocated out of state. Over this period of time I have improved my fitness levels tremendously. I am a runner and I have PR’d in every distance several times since he became my strength trainer. I went from running a marathon in 3:38:49 to 3:28:36!!! My form has improved and I have also been running injury free. Casey’s workouts are fun yet tough, and never the same. I think we repeated a few timed workouts at my request only, and always saw a significant improvement.

Liz Nieves, Chicago, IL

Casey is the best kind of trainer: he listens to your goals, works with you through challenges, and pushes you farther than you could ever go on your own. He has a gentle heart, firey blood, and will help your body adapt athletically for a better life.

Aaron Sangha

I trained with Casey for approximately 4 years. In that time, Casey has dramatically improved my strength, cardio, and I lost 15lbs. I feel great, have more energy, and look even better. I truly enjoyed my time training with Casey and would continue except for the fact that he relocated out of state. The workouts are specifically designed for you –to address your needs. I can’t say enough about my experience training with him.

Zac R

Casey is one attentive guy. He makes sure your movements are done safely and correctly. Always on time and packs in an hour of fitness that s quite rewarding. I have never felt that good about a workout before.

John Ccchini